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  Easicook is a leading Sammic distributor for the UK  
  Thermal Cycle Delay Option included: guarantees a minimum rinsing temperature of 85 C.  
  Tank and boiler temperature display  
  Concave dispersers to ensure optimal water flow  
  Wash Tank water protected by additional stainless steel filters  
  Equipped with drain pump, non-return valve and non-blocking pump protection filter  
  The wash tank water  is partially refreshed during each cycle, by means of the draining system, before rinsing  
  Fitted with automatic rinse aid injectors and variable detergent pumps  
  Magnetic door micro-switch which stops the machine if the door is opened  
  Optional extras include drain pumps, integral break tanks and rinse boost pumps  
  Can connect to a hot or cold water supply  
  1 year parts & labour warranty  

 sammic sl-650 dishwasher

Basket size   500 x 500mm
Wash cycle   2, 3 or 4 min adjustable
Wash Chamber Height   330mm
Dimensions   W600 D640 H850
Water Cosuption   3.5 ltr
Depth with door open   mm
Electrical Connection amp
Load   6.7Kw
Wash temp   0-55 C
Rinse temp   0-90 C
Price (gravity waste)   SL-550BP
Price (drain pump & non return valve)   SL-550B
Price (integral air break tank, rinse boost pump & drain pump)   SL-550BP

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