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  Easicook is a leading Sammic distributor  
  All Sammic glasswashers come equipped with:  
  Automatic rinse aid injectors and variable detergent pumps  
  Magnetic door micro-switch which stops the machine if the door is opened  
  Access from the front for all essential servicing and cleaning without removing the machine  
  Optional extras include drain pumps and rinse boost pumps  
  Easicook has been a leading UK supplier of Sammic glasswashers for many years. Our engineers and sales team have a wide knowledge of the workings of the glasswashers and are able to recommend the right Sammic commercial glasswasher for your needs.  
  A limited stock available of  dishwashers  
  sammic sv-18     sammic sv-19   sammic sv-20   sammic sv-21  

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sammic sl-18 glasswasher

sammic sl-19 glasswashers

Sammic SL-18 range Sammic SL-19 range
350mm basket glasswasher 350mm basket glasswasher
sammic sl-20 glasswashers sammic sl-21 glass washer
Sammic SL-20 range Sammic SL-21 range
400mm basket glasswasher 400mm basket glasswasher
sammic glasswashers commercial glasswashers
Sammic SL-350 range Sammic SL-550 range
500mm baskets glasswasher 500mm basket glasswasher
3.5min cycle time 2/3 min cycle time

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